Root Canals


A root canal is used to treat a tooth when the pulp or nerve in the tooth has become permanently damaged by infection (typically bacterial) or trauma. If left untreated, damaged and decayed pulp will eventually die. If this necrotic pulp works its way into the jawbone, it can form an abscess or even a painful infection.

The best way to prevent serious infection from necrotic pulp is with root canal treatment (also called endodontic therapy) delivered by our dentist.

What to Expect From Your Root Canal Procedure

In the past, root canals have had a bad reputation. However, these days, a root canal procedure involves minimal pain, and most patients are able to continue with their normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Step 1.

When you come into Treasure Valley Family Dentistry for a root canal, we’ll begin by numbing your tooth and surrounding areas to ensure your comfort throughout the entire procedure.

Step 2.

Next, we’ll place a rubber dam on your tooth to isolate it from the rest of your teeth and prevent salivary contamination. Once we’ve isolated the infected tooth, we’ll use a dental hand piece to delicately remove the dead pulp.

Step 3.

Finally, we’ll shape, disinfect and fill your tooth with an inert material.

Please note that our root canal procedure may require several appointments, depending on the tooth and amount of infection present.

Schedule a Root Canal in the Treasure Valley

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