Dentures & Partials


Are missing teeth interfering with your ability to smile confidently or enjoy your favorite foods?

Treasure Valley Family Dentistry in Meridian ID,  are proud to offer both complete dentures and partial dentures to patients of all ages, providing an attractive, manageable solution to tooth loss.

Choose dentures if…

Multiple or all natural teeth are missing.

If there are remaining teeth in your mouth, impressions of the upper and lower jaws will be taken before extraction. Precise models of the jaw, gums and teeth will be made from these impressions by our dental lab, and your dentures will be created using these models.

Treasure Valley Family Dentistry’s Dentist will work closely with you to select the appropriate shape and color of the teeth for your dentures. Once the lab has completed the dentures, any remaining teeth will be extracted, and the new dentures will be put in place.

Choose partials if…

Only a few teeth are missing, and there is no need to remove the rest to make room for a complete denture set.

The process for creating a partial denture is essentially the same as for the complete denture, but the final partial denture will be fitted to and among the remaining teeth — no extraction necessary.

A partial denture helps fill spaces between teeth, enables normal chewing ability, and prevents the shifting of teeth that can occur when there are no adjacent teeth to help support them.

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If you need to replace missing teeth, you may also be a candidate for bridges or other viable alternatives to dentures.

Talk to your dentist today to learn more about dentures and other restorative dentistry options! We can be reached online or by phone at 208-884-8066. Contact Treasure Valley Family Dentistry today to request an appointment.

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